Setting up a remote beta tester (iPad)

I have a remote team member that just got an iPad for beta testing. To date I have setup all of our test machines using Xcode to do the profile automatically, and I am struggling with how to get the remote iPad setup.

I added the device to the Apple portal manually using the UDID, but the app still will not load on the device. What step am I missing to set them up?

In case it matters, I am trying to load a development build I did before the device was added to the portal. I am not sure if that matters or not.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

– Kat

First of all…go to and login. Here go to tab Certificates, IDs & Profiles from left side.

Now you can see all your certificates, devices and profiles, etc.
If devices is not added, then please add it.
Now, if you don’t have certificated or profiles for that app, please create first….then download it.
After that to install it, just double click on downloaded certificates or profiles. It will show in your keychain.
Now go to Xcode and select it for your app, Enjoy…

Reference :
Ray Wenderlich
Also you can follow instruction for maintaining certificates on documentation site. (Here I cannot post more than 2 links Otherwise I put that link also).

And then upload app on iTunes connect through Xcode and add internal testers(Their apple IDs).

So it will appear under tab TestFlight and testers you have added will notify about this app. But here conditions is that :

  1. That tester must have set apple credentials in his/her device in Setting
  2. Tester must have installed TestFlight App in his/her device. So he can download beta app for testing from TestFlight.