Best sources to learn how to upload to app store?

Currently trying to figure out the least cost way for a first time submitter to the app store. If possible for all us new guys what are the best resources to create screen shot images(currently what im trying to figure out), understand the appropriate steps to upload an app using xcode 8, etc… Ive currently gotten up to speed with testflight and letting friends test the apps on their devices, and the next step is actual submission.

Thank you!

Hello, You may refer this link : App TestFlight

Once your app is ready for sell, then On iTunes connect, under App StoreApp Information add your app information.
Then under iOS APPS add your app version and build number and required detail. and then finally upload to the store.

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Check out our two-part tutorial on “How to Submit An App to Apple: From No Account to App Store”
Part 1 Part 2

Also, check out How to Make Great App Store Screenshots

Have fun!

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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I hope I am still able to get assistance with the final step in Xcode. Once reaching the build settings and checking for the provisioning profiles.
also, i will be listening and playing music mp3 in apple music
I’ve followed every step to this tutorial and so far everything has worked out until this very last step. Thank you so much again!