More Chapter 4 issues

On page 77 the book states that the matrix [-1, 2] has one column and two rows. The words column and row should be switched: 1 row and 2 columns.

My bad, I see the note just below that tells me Metal used column-major matrices. :slight_smile:

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@brianlawson - we’re grateful for feedback though :smiley:

New issue:

In the section titled Upgrade the engine, starting on page 89, we are told to open the Matrices project and run it. The text and illustration on the next page show the train in front view, occupying the entire window width.Currently, the train takes up the whole screen,…. What I get is an orthographic projection.

@brianlawson - are you running the Matrices project from the starter directory, not the final directory?

When I go to the starter directory, and run the Matrices project, I get the flat train moving back and forth.

(btw, that’s actually a perspective projection in the left hand image - you’ll do orthographic projection in ch 9!)

I was in the Final folder and not the Starter folder. My Bad once again. Must be time to give it a rest for the night.

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On Page 116, at the bottom of the page, there is a link to a Wikipedia article about Spectralon. The link wraps at the end of the line. It is broken where it wraps even though the entire URL is underlined as though it was a link. Only the portion before the line wrap works, taking the reader to the Wikipedia home page.

Thanks, Brian. We’ll update the link for the next release.