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iOS 10 Feast Giveaway Winners – And Last Day For Discount!

Check out the lucky winners of the iOS 10 Feast — over 220 winners and $40,000 in prizes!

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Leaving post for an unclaimed prize :]

I’m one of the lucky winners, Thanks a a lot for all of this guys :wink:

Let’s go unclaimed prizes!

I didn’t win so this contest was rigged!!! :smiling_imp: :rage:

But if I win an unclaimed prize…disregard! :innocent: :tada:

Justin D. Strumpley

Excellent giveaway… I’m just here hoping for an unclaimed prize!

love this feast! thank you for prize

Leaving post for an unclaimed prize :] [2]

Hoping for an unclaimed prize…

My congratulations for all the winners!

I also want an unclaimed prize

Congrats to all the winners!!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners.

Congratulations to the winners. I want an unclaimed prize!

You want to LOL, I want a prize… If you know what I mean :innocent:

Great giveaway and congratulations to the winners, sadly i didn’t won :sleepy:
But if someone like Donald Trump can become president of the US i think i can win an unclaimed prize :upside_down_face:

Trump won the presidency, and all I got was a “Eat, Drink, Swift” t-shirt (hopefully!)

I too hope for unclaimed prize. Congrats to winners.

Hopefully you can factor in the number of posts on the old RW forums. I’ve mostly just been lurking on the new version. :slight_smile:

Should that not be the case, for the LOLs:
Perhaps haiku for your enjoyment:
Loser yet again
'Cause I only tweeted once
Next time I tweet more

Or if you are have a tendency for limerick:
I entered to win with a single Tweet
Hoping to win a great treat
But to my dismay,
Results read the next day,
And showed I again had been beat

//TODO: Write an epic poem to rival Homer

I would be happy to claim an unclaimed prize!

Thanks for offering all of these goodies!