[Chapter 9] Order matrix

I have one question for clarity.

Chapter 5 says that: Matrix multiplication goes from right to left.

Chapter 9: Navigating a 3D Scene says:
First, rotate the distance vector around the y axis.
Then, rotate the distance vector around the x axis.
Next, we use a float4x4(rotationYXZ:) matrix, in which the matrices are multiplied like this: self = rotationY * rotationX * rotationZ

The question is what is the order of matrices multiplication in the float4x4(rotationYXZ:) matrix? And how does this order correlate with what is written in chapter 5?

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@Caroline any suggestions?

Matrix multiplication is not commutative and does work right to left.

Iā€™ve made a mistake in the text of chapter 9. The stated multiplication order should be Z / X / Y.

Thank you for picking this up and pointing it out.

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