Chapter 8 - Starter Project macOS - VtValue and fail


I’m just up to the Chapter 8 Animation section of the book, but the starter project will not run for macOS (11 beta 9), giving errors that seem based in C++ libraries around reading the USDA / USDZ files.

For macOS it complains that there are errors with unregistered VtValue types and verification failures. I am able to open the file in RealityConverter (beta 3) and see the ball in it, and it loads in the iOS simulator (after renaming the file to itself…?). In Xcode it won’t preview it as a USDA or converted to a USDZ.
See this pastebin here for the full error message.


That’s very odd. Are you able to use Xcode 12? It works for me on Catalina in both the one from the store (12.0.1) and the new beta (12.2 beta 2).

If it doesn’t work there, what computer are you using, with what gpu and what operating system?

Have you tried restarting the computer?
How about deleting Derived Data? (Go to Xcode → Preferences → Locations, and click the → next to DerivedData path and delete everything in that directory)

I don’t have Xcode 11 installed any more as it’s not the current App Store version