Bobblehead Wars Platform Model is uncolored

As you read on the title, the model platform is colorless. How can I fix it? Thank you!



I had the same issue in my post here: [Solved] Unable to Import Blender Models & Textures - #5 by bdmoakley

The problem is Blender 2.8. You need to uninstall Blender 2.8 and install 2.79 instead, and that will fix your issue.

Once you have installed Blender 2.79, you need to reimport all the models again.

Thanks! I did it and now the platform is fine but the marine is colorless :sweat_smile:

I haven’t experienced that problem myself, so I don’t know.

Going by what another poster said here: Imported Assets - no texture on BobbleMarine-Body

Posted By vegetarianzombie:
There are two ways you can fix this. The easy way is to simply start over with a fresh project and see how the model imports, making sure you follow each step at a time.

My guess is that you imported the models but forgot to import the texture. You must import them all at once.

If you are unable to solve the issue, keep reading to chapter two and look up the section “Fixing the Models”. You’ll need to create a new material, assign the texture to it, and then manually add it to the model.

Make sure you are using Unity 2018.1 and try again from the beginning. If you get stuck, let me know where and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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