Announcing Unity AR & VR by Tutorials! |

We’re excited to announce our latest surprise book: Unity AR and VR by Tutorials! Read on to see how you can get your own copy, and how to enter our giveaway!

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A golf simulation game.

Eating Health food tutorial to teach people how to make healthy food.

Something like Chicken Invaders :smiley:

Scientific simulations of all types for interactive learning purposes. Like the planets orbits around the sun for Astronomy or chemical structures visualization or 3d math functions visualizer and so on :).

An adventure game set on an island.

A VR on the rails game similar to Pokemon Snap on n64.

A Flight Combat simulator in VR!

I would like to build a project that touches on social goods. We know VR is the empathy machine. How might we put someone through an experience they otherwise would never been exposed to ie. Touchy subject around race, objectified, cat calling… VR can help us understand these experiences.

I want to build a horror game in AR. I feel like this is a mostly untapped market.

I think employee training is a fantastic use for AR/VR. I’d love to create an application that trains fire safety or teaches active shooter reactions right in their own work space.

architectural visualization, exterior and interior spaces

An AR wheelchair simulator overlay that adds virtual barriers when a non-wheel chair accessible route is detected in your path. Would be an eye opener for many people, myself included.

A instruction manual for my motorcycle to share with others.

I have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of this book! I guessed (and hoped) a book on VR using Unity will be out sometime soon from RW Team :slight_smile: Would love to get my hands on this. I would like to create a strategy game and explore creating an education experience for children with special needs.

Lego builder simulator

3 words! Car mechanic Simulator :slight_smile: and a proper one at that :slight_smile:

Read about the new tutorial book iin the HoloDevelopers Slack - sounds very interesting! Currently working on an AR book for patient education. Any additional hints & tips like from this book would be very helpful.

Our project team (five students from China) are learning to build a virtual physical lab APP based on ARKit!(for junior and senior school students)

We are working on blockchain wallet and games that could trade NFT erc721, with AR we could present the traded 3D NFT items in real world, and once the game content build up we can then present all the 3D NFT items in a VR world