Announcing Unity AR & VR by Tutorials! |

I’d like to build something that could be used in education. Good luck!

I would like to make a VR real time strategy game.

We are five students from China. We want to build something for education which is based on ARKit.

An AR artificial life creature game.

A tag game in the vein of Alien or Luigi’s Mansion, where a ghost will sneak around in AR in your house/apt. I’d also tap into some IOT/lights and have the creature turn the lights on and off in the room.

Busting ghosts feels good…and the franchise rights alone…

Two Player Pong would be AWESOME!!!

its my dream to build Super mario in AR

Excellent timing for me. I have been searching for this kind of content for a while. Immerse in VR/AR with c#, Xamarin and Unity experience.!

Would create kid’s creativity software with this.

maze game in vr will be nice

A virtual museum exploration app with immersive user interactions !

We want to combine Unity and ARKit to create tools for education.

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Just do something WOW.

I would like to build a videogame in VR, following the tradition of Half Life or Portal videogames, by showing the history of the world rather than telling, so that you feel like you are in a living world.

I would build a VR app for sports referees to practice their calls, instead of viewing 2D videos. Thanks a lot!

A collaboration training sim for educators that could use a HoloLens or VR headset in addition to a mobile AR device.

An escape game mixing reality and AR

A virtual tour of a chest x-rays for medical education.

An app to create and arrange index cards.

snowboard simulation