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Well, I’m at a total loss of how to get to the Forums for the Swift Apprentice Series Tutorials. The only thing I’ve found so far is some errata.

Can somebody help me find the “old” forums for each of the Apprentice Series Tutorials and explain how to navigate to them.



Hi Gary, we still have the old forums up and running. You can find them at:


You can find the specific forum over here:


So, are the Apprentice Tutorial Forums being moved to this new format or have they already been moved? If so, how do I navigate to them or do I just continue navigating back to the link(s) that you sent me to ask questions about those tutorials?


In the short term, you’ll have to navigate between both of them. You can find the links over here:


In time, this forum will become the one shop stop, but it’s going to take awhile. We’ll keep the old forums alive so long as they are still relevant (which will probably be a long time). Thanks!

Ok, thanks for all your help. I’ll keep using the links you gave me until everything is updated to the new format.



Moving along through the iOS Apprentice 2 tutorial and got stuck on the NSUserDefaults section where it seems like the source code didn’t match the written examples. For one I was confused about the initial checklist selected index value first time the program runs and see that that is taken care of in the source code within the DataModel class though not mentioned in the tutorial. Still confused about when the Navigation delegate methods get initialized.



Was also wondering why when adding checklist items to the main All list view controller storyboard scene wasn’t saving when I quit the simulator. Seems like theres a bug such that the new items aren’t being saved when you return to AllListViewController. Had to change the code in the viewDidAppear function to this to get it to work:

override func viewDidAppear(animated: Bool) {
navigationController?.delegate = self
if index >= 0 && index < dataModel.lists.count {
let checklist = dataModel.lists[index]
performSegueWithIdentifier(“ShowChecklist”, sender: checklist)
else {

Also why do you assign the nav controller delegate here over and over and over?

Hi. I saw your tutorial on gaming on AR using OpenCV and was wondering whether the same could be accomplished using the ARToolkit (http://artoolkit.org)?

Hi! I don’t know why, but I can’t create new topic, so maybe I’ll write here:
I tried to do game(actually at least to run it on my computer) that I saw in tutorial here: Multiplayer game
But when I try to run it from different computers, client on the second computer(local server is on the first) doesn’t find server:
I do this way:
Start server and set to localhost:8000 or
Start the first client and type localhost:8000, after what it connects to server
In cmd type ipconfig, find IPv4,
Start the second client, and type IPv4:8000, but it isn’t connecting to server

What have I to do, to make it work?

Hi, were you able to run the game on the same computer. As i am trying to run this but it is getting crashed. plz help

Some of the Unity C# free tutorial videos on your site aren’t working correctly. I can hear sound, but the videos are all garbled. Could this be a thing to do with Microsoft Edge?

Do you have some post or other place to offer a topic for new video tutorial? And place for vote to select most interesting?

Hi all, I wasn’t sure where else to post a question about a closed topic. I apologize if I’m posting in the wrong place, but I’m nerding out on this algorithm tutorial:

I am a beginner, obvs, and would like to access ‘depth’ in a tree. I.e. if root is depth 0, when I add children they should be depth 1, the next children would be depth 2, etc.

I know this should be super basic, but I’m having a little trouble wrapping my brain around it.

I tried something like: in the Node class initialize depth: Int, and then in the add(child:) function I could say depth +=. But then I would have to add it manually to each Node, which is unnecessary. Should I instead add a value to the array? Or…? :confused:

(THANKS in advance)

Side note. It seems odd to close forum topics — makes it much harder to continue or organize the discussion. Feature request: keep tutorial discussions open? (all discussions?)

Comments are closed on several tutorials because they are ‘old’.


This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]

This is a pity if the tutorials are still relevant. Sure Swift may be deprecate some of the code, but I’ve found that sometimes there’s a comment that helps clarify what the code should be now, or how to avoid a potentially tricky issue.

If you block comments on a tutorial maybe you scan add a heads up the start of the tut that it’s guaranteed to work “as is” anymore.

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Is there an updated version of 203, the open-source collaboration tutorial, that shows how to work with source control in Xcode 9? TIA!

hi I was wondering if anyone could update Introduction to the Sprite Kit Scene Editor Fear the Dead, I’ve purchased iOS developer tutorial 2d games when it first came out and I still love the information giving on this website! and could Dino defence be remade as well? thank you for your time and response!

Hi all,
I want learn Swift language and have question, what will the best for start?
This tutorials https://www.raywenderlich.com/ios/learn or this book https://store.raywenderlich.com/products/swift-apprentice?

Thank you for all replies :slight_smile:

I am having trouble with my code in your tutorial for bull’s eye. it doesn’t add the extra bonus points to the total score. I have watched all the videos and he hasn’t fixed it. just want to tell you so you could maybe help me if possible. thanks :slight_smile:

This tutorial would make a seriously good Swift 5 tutorial. It’s from 2017 in obj-c…

iOS 7 Best Practices; A Weather App Case Study: Part 1/2

It’s currently archived

So I am taking the “build your first IOS app using swift” tutorials. I am almost done- to the part of inserting the button images. However, when I insert the yellow image it displays as blue and I am going crazy trying to figure it out. I don’t understand why it is doing that. Can someone please help me?