Your Second Swift 4 & iOS 11 App - Part 44: | Ray Wenderlich

This video wraps up work on the to-do list app and shows you where to go from here.

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Just want to say thank you for the great course! It is so beautifully designed and the concepts are so clearly demonstrated.
Amazing job!

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Thank you for this great course!

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Thank you for the great course!

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Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it.

Brilliant. Coming from a PHP perspective, this was a really excellent introduction to iOS development. Thanks!

That’s great to hear. I’m glad it helped you out! Cheers!

Thx for the grat course
I hope that you clear more the point of delegation

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Yeah, we’ll definitely address this video in the next iteration of it.

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Very well done. I’m transitioning from Objective C, and while many concepts were familiar, I am really surprised by how much new material I learned! Thanks for a great course… nicely done.

Thanks. Just finished this and its excellent. Nicely done.

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Huge thanks!!! I just finished this part of the course, and I’m so excited to keep learning and practicing, God Bless you guys for this awesome course platform, a lot to learn in a better way! :smiley:

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Thanks so much! I’m glad you found the course helpful. More coming down the pipe. All the best!

I got an error in the XCode Refactoring Challenge, but found an easy solution (in case others have the same issue).
When I refactored the AddItemViewController, I got a keychain error and the new renamed file was in my tree but in red. It threw an error, saying something about keychain and not finding the renamed Swift file.
Turns out, Xcode expected a file with the new name, but never actually renamed the file. I just manually renamed it in my OSX Finder. Then all was well. Hope this helps somebody!

And thanks for the great videos, Brian!