Your Second iOS and SwiftUI App · Conclusion |

After ‚Äúprogramming in Swift Fundmentals‚ÄĚ, should i study this course or ‚ÄúProgramming in Swift : Functions and types‚ÄĚ?

There are conflict messages. In learning path, ‚ÄúProgramming in Swift : Functions and types‚ÄĚ is the forth. But in ‚ÄúProgramming in Swift : Functions and types‚ÄĚ the instructor said after i finish ‚Äúthe second swiftUI course‚ÄĚ


Thank you for the feedback. You’re commenting on the board for the old course, though. Which version is this feedback for?

We’ve switched the order this year. The Learning Path page is correct.

Sorry to bother with a silly question, but how does one find the ‚Äúboard‚ÄĚ for the new course? I did spend quite a bit of time searching the forums for 2nd iOS and Second iOS and I could only find this one.

Every episode for every course has one associated forum entry. Every course also has an overall forum entry.

So, for example, you would start here, then find the most relevant forum entry (shown as ‚ÄúComments‚ÄĚ, and then, ‚ÄúContinue Discussion‚ÄĚ) for what you‚Äôd like to chat about.

@beader @frostra1n Really glad you like it!