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I don’t see the tutorial video of Programming in Swift Functions & Types. Can you please supply the url?

It’s not ready yet, but will be soon. In the meantime, you can follow up with if you’d like.

Thanks for the information. I will keep an eye out for it. I have completed the course you mentioned.

I would like to get an opinion from you if you don’t mind. I am about to rewrite an app from scratch at work in January. I would like to use swiftui and combine. Do you believe swiftui is ready or is it still buggy and incomplete and if so should I stick with uikit for now? I am fine with the limitation of iOS 13 only.

SwiftUI is definitely still quite buggy, but because it interfaces easily with UIKit, my recommendation is to try to use SwiftUI for as much as it works well enough. Then, when it doesn’t, use UIKit, and switch out the UIKit content as SwiftUI matures.

Good luck with the app!

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Hi thank you so much for the great course that you provided i really liked it and accomplished it! i have a few question!

  1. How to localise priority part for different language!
  2. i have found a bug in the project! as soon as you delete everything in one of the priority list like for example if in Medium priority i will delete everything that you implemented in your project and after that i will add something new it will automatically autocomplete the saved by you instances!
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Hi! I’m glad the course was useful for you.

  1. The first step is to set up your Strings File. Have you done that yet? If you have, but aren’t having any luck, feel free to post your amended version of the project here and I’ll have a look.

  2. I haven’t been able to trigger what you’re describing. Perhaps a video would be best to make sure I’m understanding.

Thank you for the fast reply i think it wasn’t a bug :frowning: (My second question) and for the 1 question i solved it out i have send you one more Bug that i found

Great, high quality course. Thanks. I plan on working the path, will I learn how to interact with a persistence solution at some point? Are the model stores going to be a clean way to interface with Core Data or other solutions? Thanks again.

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Courses 7 and 15 are the most focused on persistence:

Saving Data in iOS is being updated right now.

We’re not updating the Core Data course this year—because the only big changes revolved around CloudKit—but we’ll reevaluate that after WWDC 2020!

Your quick responses are “Value Added” to this site! Thanks. I will check out those courses.

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I was wondering if y’all at Ray Wenderlich have an opinion on using MVVM with swiftui and combine or can you simply have the v and the m and just have things triggered etc using combine and no need for the view model.

There’s no official company stance on this (and generally, we try to allow authors architectural freedom—it’s not the focus of most material, and it’s useful to see different standards in action), but I like these ideas from the SwiftUI chapter of Advanced iOS App Architecture:

SwiftUI’s architecture of choice is a mix between React.js-State and Model-View-ViewModel, MVVM. There’s really no single architecture pattern that fully describes SwiftUI. You could say that SwiftUI uses its own architecture.

@ObservedObject is essentially a view model. You can think of @ObservedObject as following the MVVM architectural pattern.

Thanks for information. I might check out that book.

This course was really good. I learnt a lot, still a little confuse on some topics but I will go over them. There is one bug that I found though, Only one new task can be added. The + button doesn’t response after adding the first task. Cant seem to figure out why tho

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Thanks for the feedback!

The bug you’ve discovered is something that we’ve been discussing in the comments for a few of the episodes. I’ve logged it with Apple but still haven’t heard back about them providing a fix.

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Ok thanks, much appreciated

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@jessycatterwaul, thank you for a great course! Looking forward to see all bugs fixed by Apple =)

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The app has a bug. To reproduce:

  1. delete the last item in any section
  2. tap on any of the Tasks to edit
  3. crashes with: Fatal error: Index out of range

I used your last version in Download Materials (P04E07 Picker Views 2).

macOS Catalina 10.15.1, XCode 11.3 (11C29), happens on simulator and the device

Thanks for the report! Some of the rest of us noticed that happening with Apple’s releases from later in the month the course was released. I reported it to Apple on October 21 but haven’t gotten any word about a fix.