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Beautiful tutorials I’ve just finished and run the app on my iPhone! The only thing that doesn’t work is the information about the game, or better the app doesn’t show the html page. I don’t have any errors in Xcode, but unfortunately I don’t know enough about web view to try to understand which can be the possible errors. However thank’s for these tutorials!

@andreamich Congratulations on making it through the entire course and getting the app to run on your phone! :smiley:

Tomorrow we’re coming out with another new course on Programming in Swift 4 - I recommend that as the next course after this one.

For the issue you’re having with the web view, have you tried downloading the completed project from this site and trying that, does that load for you? If so, compare the final project with yours to see if there are any differences. If you’re still having troubles let me know.

Thank you, Ray! I just finished this first course as well, and interestingly, I had the exact same problem as @andreamich. Everything works for me exactly as it did for you in the videos, EXCEPT the HTML file appears as a white rectangle, both on the simulator and on my phone. I downloaded your version from the site, and it worked perfectly, yet I can’t seem to find the difference!

BUT, there is one point I should make. When I search for “webview” in the Object Library, the only two things that come up are “Web View (deprecated)” and “WebKit View.” The “Web View (deprecated)” says: “Legacy UIWebView to display and interact with web content.” I suspect that something happened between the time when you were using the Xcode 9 Beta and the actual Xcode 9 came out, since that’s the only other difference I can find between your video and my reality. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.

Anyway, overall, I thought it was a great start in my understanding of Xcode and Swift, and I’m really looking forward to your next series, “Programming in Swift 4!” Thanks for all of your hard work, and thanks to your team who wrote the material for the books!! I love learning by video!

I just got hung up on the same thing. Can’t add "Web View (deprecated) to the storyboard. When opening the tutorial file, the deprecated webview appears on the storyboard, but does not work in the simulator. Fortunately it’s close to the end of the course and is easily skipped.

I agree that it can be easily skipped, but I think it’s good for Ray and company to know about the problem, so they can fix that one video moving forward. It’s probably just one or two little things which need to change in the instructions to make it work.

@rwenderlich It would be a good update to the site that on the home page for the video courses that if you have finished the course it shows a check mark or completed icon so you know what courses you have done already.

Hello all, I had this same problem with the Web View and tried using the WebKit View but couldn´t make it work. Finally I tray using the Web View again and it did work even though it took it some time to render the html page in the view.
btw Excellent tutorials!!!

Thanks Ray. Nice tutorial !

Thanks for the good course! I hope at the end of other courses, I can get a job as a junior!

@rwenderlich This course was so awesome! I’ve always loved programming in JAVA, think I may have taken a good interest into this now.

I’d like to add a timer for each round, like around 5 seconds or so, and every time they miss a round it should subtract 5 points, how can I possibly do that? I tried, but I seem to add more errors in there than I could possibly solve anything… please help!

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