Your First Kotlin Android App - Part 45: Submission | Ray Wenderlich

With your game completed, there's only one thing to do: submit it to the app store.

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Great tutorial!!! It is a nice way to start Android development.

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Nice tutorial! Just a couple of things. You mention iPhone sometimes by mistake lol. Also, on the provided materials the Feature Graphic image to submit to the Developer console is missing… Other than that, great job!!

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Ack - old habits die hard. I’ll update the files and add the feature graphic image. Thanks for the heads up!

This has been incredibly helpful! I slowly am learning this on my own and these type of tutorials have been AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I’m glad to hear it helped! Thanks so much for the nice comment!

Hi Can you provide feature graphic image to submit.

Here’s the attached image - the video resources will be uploaded momentarily. -

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The materials have been updated. Shoot me a message if you need anything else.

Thank you so much for this tutorial, will there be an update to submission part since now we have to select out of apk and app bundle, which one to go for and why.

Hello @bdmoakley, I noticed an anomaly in the game. When I run the game on my device and without tapping the button if I rotate , the timer starts itself without the click, I think thats happening because after rotation we dont check for the click and start the timer.
I think it can be fixed by storing gameStarted variable as well and then checking that variable to start the timer?

Hello Henna,

Great catch! I tried this on a device and I was able to replicate it. You are absolutely correct. We need to store the gameStarted variable, and also retrieve it again.

Also, We need to remove the line that sets gameStarted to true in restoreGame(). The current code assumes that when restoreGame() is called, the game is already in progress. As you pointed out this is not the case.

Great catch! We’ll make sure to address this when the video is updated.


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Thanks for the update!