Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch, Episode 8: Challenge: Add View Modifiers | Kodeco

Practice using SwiftUI View Modifiers by styling the rest of the text views in Bull’s Eye.

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For this assignment, I’m not able to access the design tab unless design permissions have been given. The design panel is missing on my right menu - Ask the community - Figma Community Forum

+1 It’s the same to me.

Hi! There are directions in the Notes for this episode (currently you can see those below the video):

In order to view the Design tab in this Figma file, you will need to create your own copy. You can either save a local copy and work in the Figma desktop app, or duplicate the linked file to your drafts.


In both the web and desktop Figma app I can’t see font data in the Design tab.

I need to resolve the missing fonts first.