Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch, Episode 2: SwiftUI vs UIKit | Kodeco

Learn about the differences between SwiftUI and UIKit, and whether you should learn SwiftUI, UIKit or both.

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I am asking this question in this thread as I do not see a new version of the thread for the introduction to this course…or episode 1, just episode 2

I am a bit confused as I already finished this course, then I went into the Programming in Swift Courses that Chris Belenger and Catie Catterwaul taught. At the end of the last course that Catie taught, it said to go into the 2nd IOS app from scratch course, however I am not seeing that as the next path…so what is my next path? Also, I see the App from Scratch course is now updated and taught by Catie instead of Ray? Should I re-take it? What are the differences?

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Like you, I did the course with Ray. Once I saw the update I decided to check it out. I recommend you go through the updated version. Catie will show you shortcuts in Xcode that were not available in the version Ray used. She also shows how the new Button view works and many other tips and tricks. Since you have already built the app you understand the theory. Redoing it will only help you more as some concepts are explained differently and more importantly the new Xcode features are used.

Thank you @seanec! after I finish one of the courses I am on, I will check it out :smiley:

Where can i find the “IOS interfaces with UIKit” tutorial?