Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch, Episode 13: SwiftUI State | Kodeco

Learn about an important concept called SwiftUI state, which helps you keep your user interface and app state always consistent.

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Can you help me please ?
I am struggling with this part of the course:

[[[[ Chap. 13 SwiftUI State

06.02 I want to call a method on the resulting button. So right after this line, hit enter, and then type in dot alert.**
06:09 So weโ€™re calling a method on the button we just created. There are many similar methods with this name. The one we want has four arguments: titleKey, isPresented, actions, and message.]]]

The Problem is that the .alerte method entered is outside of the button , and to confirm , there is no indentation between the 2, and it is after the closed curlyb button elements.
So my question is: .Alert is more a method of the parent view of โ€œbuttonโ€ ?