Your First iOS App - Part 45: Challenge: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

In this challenge, you'll get practice with auto layout by setting up Auto Layout on the About screen.

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at 00:20 you say webview should be 8 from the close button, but then at 02:20 you put it at 20 away from the close button.

Good catch! That looks like an oversight on my part - at 2:20 I should have made the webview 8 points away from the close button to be consistent with the slide. But in the end - it’s all about the look you prefer for your app.

Hi there! What I’m doing wrong? Why the background is not contain all area on iPhone 10 and newer? iPhone SE, 6, 6 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus is OK. 27

I found. Show The Attributes Inspector β†’ View β†’ Content Mode β†’ Aspect Fill.

@1nd3e Glad you sorted it out! Cheers! :]