Your First iOS App - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Learn about the first app you'll build - a simple but fun game called Bull's Eye - and get a preview of all the things you'll learn throughout this part.

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Hi, just started with Bull’s Eye part 1. Opening up Xcode and adding the “Hit Me!” button is where I stranded.

For some reason the “Hit Me!” button does not appear in the simulator - I have installed the latest OS and Xcode versions.

Please, advise

Hi @f8h - are you running the app in landscape mode on the simulator? You can make an app run in landscape mode by clicking Hardware\Rotate Right.

If you try that and it still doesn’t work, please send me a zip of your entire Xcode project folder so I can take a look.

Thank you for your help Ray, it is much appreciated!

  • would this be the correct location for asking questions regarding this chapter?
  • I was able to rotate the simulator to landscape mode, but was still not able to view button.

Ps. since I am a new user I am not able to upload requested zip of my project (says website)

Please, advise on other method. Thanks. Michael

Hey @f8h - feel free to email the project zip to

Yes this is a good place to ask questions in general.

Hello, the videos are unable to play at all.

Using MBP and tried firefox, chrome and safari.

Please help!

Hi @mfikriyuliandi

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with video playback. Are you continuing to see issues?

If so, please contact with details of videos you’re having problems with, any errors in the console, and your location in the world.



Why oh why would you use a Xcode Beta release 10 (as of Sept 3, 2018) for a tutorial instead of the STABLE release 9.4.1? As someone who has been programming for decades I can’t imagine taking a beginner down the Beta release path.

@distlerj Xcode 10 GM should be available in about two weeks, so all new tutorials use it going forward. Thank you!

There are those of us who have older phones like 6 plus who don’t want them crippled, slowed to a crawl, or bricked by the latest IOS. (I have 2 perfectly good $900 iPads that are now bricks because of this) Not to mention the importance of supporting those App customers with older phones who aren’t running IOS 11, or 38% of the IOS App market as of Sept 10,2018.

So, I want to develop Apps that can run on most anything out there.

But because this “latest and greatest” tutorial uses WKWebView. It won’t even build for IOS 10 (try it… you get the message: Class Unavailable: WKWebView before iOS 11.0 (NSCoding support was broken in previous versions)

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I can’t play the videos

@sayyidmaulana Do you still have issues with this?

Do you have Privacy Badger installed?

My personal suggestion is that the video should be edited so that way when it asks the user to pause the video and list the features that the app has, it shows a screenshot of the app again.

@jsios Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated!

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I can’t play that video, can you help me ?

@dev.indrat The video works in Safari without issues for me, what browser are you using?

I cannot open the video,either;I used safari and google chrome;

You may need a vpn or something else.

@felix1_zhang Do you still have issues with this?