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Hello everyone, I am new here, and also new to Swift coding,
I am following the free course video - “Your first IOS App” - it’s great by the way!
I have reached the part where Ray speaks about the HTML file and showing it inside your app - part 5 number 42 video - the issue is that Ray speaks about the Xcode documentation and as much that I have tried to figure out on my own, I really don’t understand how he realized from the documentation how to do what he has done just to show the HTML content…
I am not saying that Ray has done something wrong but the apple documentation seems like a very complicated place to figure out stuff…
Is it just me or is it extremely difficult to understand the documentation?

hi @mit,
There is a lot of documentation from Apple, however if you are a beginner or even at times looking for something specific, the documentation does not provide samples or code to understand how to use a particular API/function. This is exactly the reason that there are other sites (including this one - www.raywenderlich.com) that provide explanation and understanding on these.


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Hi @mit, I sometimes find the documentation to be a bit difficult to understand at times however, I generally supplement what I’m learning by going to other resources like this site and then go back to re-read the documentation to see if I understand it better.


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