Xcode crashes manipulating image view

hi guys

in the checklist project when i try to add the image view for the icon picker, xcode crashes out hard whenever i try to move the image view within the table cell

i’m using xcode 9.2 and the latest mac os 10.13.3 stable update

does anybody else have this problem?

I just tried this with the Checklist project by creating a table view cell and adding an image view to it and then moving the image view around in the cell. No crashes. And this was with Xcode 9.2 - so it sounds as if this might be an issue at your end …

The first thing to try might be to create an empty project in Xcode and add a table view to the storyboard and see if adding an image view to the table view cell causes a crash. If not, it might just be an issue with one particular project. If it crashes for the new project too, then you at least know that you have that issue for all projects on your machine …

thanks for the quick reply

weird - i don’t do anything non-standard with my macbook - i barely have anything installed - will try a new blank project and see what happens

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