Xcode Apprentice, Mastering Xcode, Advanced Xcode

No, these books don’t exist but I think they would be a great addition to the Kodeco library.

Every now and then, I come across a feature of Xcode in one of your articles, tutorials, videos or other books, and I think I’d like to know more about that or I wish I’d known about that a while ago.

Just as one example, whilst working through an iOS article // TODO: was being used but no mention was made of the Jump bar and how // FIXME: and // MARK: could also be used. I wouldn’t want this iOS article (on View Modifiers) cluttered with detail about Xcode but referring to a reference book (Xcode Apprentice) would be a boon.

Maybe all this information about Xcode is already there in other learning materials but pulling it all together would be great.



@sandragrau see above suggestions

Thanks, Robert. Am I right in assuming you support my suggestion?:grinning:

I like the suggestion, but I don’t have a voice or vote on the matter. Just sending it the right direction.

I would love to see a book like that… Also a reference book on the swift language… similar to some that I have for C# such as “C# 10 in a Nutshell”… I know something like this is out on Apples site, but just would be nice to have a printed book on the Swift Language and also Xcode. I know its hard as all of this keeps changing :smiley: