Xcode 9 - IDEFoundation.IDETemplateParseError error 1

Have you ever had this error?

I’m trying to create a new project with Core Data and when insert some entity and record and build the project, this error come out. But Attention!!! Only if the name of project (and consequently the name of xcdatamodeld file) contains ’ - ’ (space ‘-’ space) characters.

How have you fixed it?

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@rufy Thanks very much for your question! Could you please show the steps you are using in creating your project, and perhaps copy/paste the exact error message you’re getting in the console? This way, we can identify what it is exactly you’re doing wrong.

I hope to hear from you soon!

@syedfa thanks for answer
The steps to reproduce the error are very easy.

  1. create a new project with Core Data
  2. name the project with a name that has this characters: ’ - ’ (e.g. testing - app)
  3. after saved it, insert an entity, change the name of entity.
  4. add 1 o 2 attributes to the entity and change them names.
  5. build and run (if you can)

the error is this:
iJishonario___Dizionario_di_Giapponese.xcdatamodeld: The operation couldn’t be completed. (IDEFoundation.IDETemplateParseError error 1.)

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