xCode 9 (Beta and Release) Freezes when trying to open source files

I downloaded the source files because I’m stuck on a few of the challenges in the first chapter, but whenever I try to open up any of the files both Beta and the official release of xCode the application doesn’t respond and I have to force quit.

I just downloaded the official release of xCode today. I’m not sure why this is happeneing and wondered if anyone else had the same issue.

Edit: It now freezes/crashes whenever I try to make a new playground. I am going to have to research this further.

2nd Edit: Appears a simple restart of my (brand new) macbook pro fixed the problem. Not sure why it happened anyways.

Hi @lauriehouse! Thanks for updating this post with your results. I’m glad to read that you were able to solve your problem. I too am using a new macbook and sometimes experience crashes or slowness with Xcode (9). If you experience more problems with Xcode, I’d suggest, cleaning the project (Shift + Command + K), restarting xcode, and restarting my computer all together. I understand it can be a pain sometimes but with Apple’s new updates to Xcode, hopefully the issues with Xcode will lessen. Happy coding!


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Thank you for the reply Gina!

Does cleaning the project erase any of the code?

I’ve also run into issues with xcode getting stuck on “running” in order to see outputted results on the right side of the playground. A simple restart of xcode seems to solve the problem, but I don’t know why it’s happening, especially when I’m not running complex code at all.

Hi @lauriehouse, cleaning your project will not erase any code. I clean my projects almost everyday. The “running” issue on Xcode seems like another problem that can have different solutions for people. I wish I had that one solid answer for you. Restarting Xcode is one solution. Another that you could try, is creating a new playground and or restarting your computer. Since playgrounds work in a real time fashion, it can sometimes be a little slow to give you an output. Thanks again for reaching out, and if you have any other issues I’d be happy to help out!


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