Xcode 10.2: Couldn't communicate with a helper application

Out of convenience, I constantly diff revisions and make commits within Xcode to Git. However, as of Xcode 10.1/10.2 I’ve been loosing Git functionality at random times. The message displayed when performing operations is:

Couldn’t communicate with a helper application.
Try your operation again. If that fails, quit and relaunch the application and try again.

At that point, I exit and restart Xcode and it works again until the next random fail. Does this happen with others out there?

@robertomachorro Do you still have issues with this?

Yes, now with Version 10.3 (10G8), it still happens.

This should be fixed in the Xcode 11 release! Was having this issue on 10.3 also, downloaded the 11 beta and haven’t had this issue since.

I have this issue often as of late. All that helps for me is to restart Xcode which can get tiring. I’m using Xcode 10.3.

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