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Thanks for this first introduction, can’t wait to see more new teaching on this topic.
Have some issues on download materials, too many errors when compiling the code on Xcode. Please if you have some time can you check if you get errors on Xcode Version 12.0.1 .

Hi there!

I went ahead and updated the project. There were a few minor API changes since I created it. It should run for you now!

Also notable, you don’t have to create your own placeholder UI now. You can use the .redacted(reason: .placeholder) modifier in previews to see what the default placeholder styling will look like. I left an example in SwiftyWidget.swift for the medium style.

I do still recommend reading through Audrey’s tutorial, if you haven’t yet: https://www.raywenderlich.com/11303363-getting-started-with-widgets

There’s some great discussion in the comments there with folks debugging as things have changed.

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