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WWDC 2017 Initial Impressions

Check out a developer's initial impressions of the new announcements at WWDC 2017 so far!

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WWDC is always fun, but thought this one was packed with good news.

My next Mac might be one of those new 27" models.

Personally, I’m glad to new line-up MacBook Pro. : ] :computer:

Hey Andy, thanks for the nice article on WWDC 2017, I haven’t seen any videos related to it yet, but from this article i got the conclusion of WWDC 2017. thank you sir.

Trying to get my iOS career off the ground. Been doing iOS for 2 years, and I’m now unemployed, having trouble finding a position. Any advice?

Really nice overview. Really keen to play with ML & AR components. Looking forward to tutorials from your team :slight_smile:

The wireless debugging is the most exciting developer feature. I have a lone USB-C cable that I use only for debugging tvOS apps. And I am always losing it. Not anymore. I’m also interested to know more about CoreML. It’s like TensorFlow Lite in that you can do ML on the device, securely but will be optimized to work with Apple platforms. About to watch the What’s New in Swift session on the livestream. Hoping they keep their word and don’t break Swift 3 code that much. :pray:

Hopefully that cable doesn’t fray! We don’t have wireless charging yet!!!

Thank you for the kind words.

What have you tried? What trouble have you run into?

Great! Thank you for the kind words.

heh, you’re not holding out for the iMac Pro? ;]

.Probably the most difficult thing has been consistency amidst many daily responsibilities. Struggling with freelancing because I am not very good at networking. Some of it has been a bit demoralizing and I’m trying to work through some of it. Right now, I’m trying to write code everyday, and at least do this one thing consistently and go from there.

Well, the AppleTV doesn’t need to be charged and the Siri Remote is charged with a lightning cable so wireless debugging will eliminate the need for USB-C with tvOS. I’ve always found it odd though that Apple chose to use USB-C for the AppleTV and lighting for the Siri Remote. Seems like a design flaw but it works.

what is theme in xcode you used I like it.can you share it?

Thank you very much for a Nice post !! I have got so much information about recent update of Apple.

The wireless debugging is the most exciting developer feature & Running multiple simulator will also be amazing and helpful for Testing.

Waiting for your new post on Swift 4.

Great Work & Tutorials by Rey Team.

Thanks for the summary :slight_smile:

The wireless debugging looks great, and so the ability to run multiple simulator at once. Is there any informations regarding 3D touch on simulator ?

Hi, same question here :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m reading (hoping?) too much into things, but I’m interested in this spatial mapping capability that’s in the HomePod… suggests a new bit of hardware that could easily end up in a phone - if they did that and provided API to the spatial map you’d have the equivalent of Tango. Really hope that’s what’s coming in the iPhone announcement later this year…!

One thing you can do, apart from keeping up to date with the latest changes in iOS, is write an actual app and ship it in the App Store. This is not as easy as it sounds, you first have to come up with a good idea and then make sure it’s properly executed and has a good UI and UX design (get a designer if you’re not good with the UI/UX, it makes a huge difference and is often overlooked by developers).

After you’ve shipped your app, you can use it as part of your CV, lots of companies want to see that you have at least one app in the App Store.

Also, put good code up on Github and share those links. If you can work on existing Github projects even better, doesn’t matter how minimal, people want to see you’re involved and that you have a good grasp of SOLID programming fundamentals.

Don’t get discouraged and keep trying and show enthusiasm for what you do. I recently moved to London (UK) and had to get a job from scratch, with no connections, no idea of how things are done here (I’d never lived in the UK before though I was born here lots of decades ago). It was very tough and disheartening, but you have to stick with it. Now I’m an iOS developer at a very successful company so just keep at it!

Good luck!