Wrong Unity Plus specifications given

There’s no errata section yet on this forum so I post it here.

In chapter 1, page 20, it says:

Unity Plus: This edition costs $35/month if you pay yearly, or $50/month if you
pay monthly. It comes with performance reporting tools, the Unity Pro skin and
some additional features. This version still requires your company make less than
$100,000/year, and it still displays a splash screen at launch.

However, in the comparison web page, https://store.unity.com/, there are different statements for Unity Plus:

Splash screen: Custom Animation or None
Revenue Capacity: $200k

I guess the web is correct.

Yeah, the web version is correct. There was a lot of outcry from the community when Unity presented their initial terms. This was around the time the chapters were written. They’ve evidently changed their terms since then … we’ll definitely update the chapters to reflect this change.