Would you have a plan for RW iOS app?

Hi, I’m a big fan of RW.

I used to watch iOS video tutorials while commuting.

I think watching video courses on the iOS app could be better than the safari browser.

Could you consider making an RW app?

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Hi @yoshiboarder,
that is an interesting suggestion and the RW Executive team will look into this again, though it has been presented earlier a couple of times.


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Thank you :smiley:

I can’t wait.

Yes we do plan to create an app! I can’t speak to specific timelines or features yet, but it is on our roadmap :]


Any chance of also creating an app for Apple TV?

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We haven’t decided about an Apple TV app yet.


I’d like to watch video without online on my iPhone.

Please consider offline feature :grinning:

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hi @yoshiboarder,
the team does listen to the feedback posted on forums, however, be patient and you and many of our RW subscribers will be very happy.


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