Where is the "new user tutorial"? (Badge - "Certified")

Ok silly question. There is a badge called Certified. “This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive new user tutorial.” But where the heck is the new user tutorial? I searched the tutorials and forums, but found nothing.

A link on this page would be helpful: https://forums.kodeco.com/badges/100/certified

Hello! It looks like this is an old feature of our forum software that has since been disabled:

So AFAIK the new user tutorial no longer exists :]

Update: It actually does exist, but it is hidden for some reason.

I received this information from RW staff, and upon following the instructions (via private message to @discobot), I was taken on a magical journey of new-usering (and received the Badge).

This is a tutorial about how to use the forums. It was introduced for new users some time this year—people who joined before then weren’t automatically shown it.

However, if they wish to run through the tutorial, and obtain the badge, they can:

1. Start a new private message thread with @discobot
2. Set the message to @discobot start new user
3. @discobot will then take the user through the tutorial, when they complete it they’ll be awarded the badge.

I hope this helps. :]

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Wow! Very cool - good find @geekomancer.

there is another tutorial (and badge) by sending this message (also in your private message thread with discobot):

@discobot start advanced user

Nice catch @geekomancer !

Looks like we have an achievement-badge completionist over here :wink:

Hehe guilty, sort of. I don’t need to complete them all, just to get them filled in without gaps up to the latest. :joy: