Where can I download the resources for your book?


I just bought a copy of Unity Games By Turorials and can’t seem to find where I can download the files for this?

Can you point me in the right direction?

The link in the book does not work!!!


Ignore this i was being an idiot!

I have stumbled into the same hole as you. I bought my book from Amazon, and the link brings me to the iOS tutorial page, not the Unity by Tutorial page.
How did you find the source code?


UPDATE: The book pointed me to:
however, the site re-routed me to an iOS by Tutorial page. When I went to the book page, the site was unaware of my purchase…
Anyway, retyping the link once I was on the RayWenderlich site worked…

I am also looking resources for my web development ebook, anyone have any idea for that?

What web development book are you talking about exactly - we don’t have any books of that kind on the website’s store after all: