When will the pdf version become available?

I purchased the book Dart Apprentice (without any subscription). I read an article that a pdf version will be available. When will the pdf version be released? Thanks.

Hello. Thanks for the reminder. The team was still working on getting it out. The pdf and epub versions are available for download now.

Where and how are the PDF and ePub versions available (Dart Apprentice and Flutter Apprentice) ?


On the main book page under the download materials button there should be a link to “Access other versions and formats”.

I agree: There should be a link but, unless I’m missing something, there’s no link for the PDF or ePub versions. The only link is to buy the Paperback from Amazon.

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Any ideas?


Hmm, I’m not so sure about that then. Yours looks different than mine does. Did you buy this book specifically, or do you have the subscription? I was looking at the Q&A for subscriptions and it looks like ePub isn’t included. It didn’t mention PDF. Since I don’t know all the details in this area, you might want to go to the contact page to ask about it.

Aha! I had a subscription. Thanks to your comment (“Hmm, I’m not so sure about that then. Yours looks different than mine does.”), I realized that subscription users (apparently) are not first-class citizens when it comes to buying the PDF/ePub.

The obvious solution, which worked perfectly, was:

  • Cancel my subscription.

  • Buy the ePub/PDF versions for both Dart Apprentice and Flutter Apprentice.

Worked like a charm. Fortunately, my risks were limited because I had gone for the monthly subscription and I had only paid for a couple of months. So, in the end, Ray Wenderlich made a couple of hundred Dollars from me (and I got my ePub/PDF versions to study at my leisure on my own time, whether connected to the Internet or not) and that’s reasonably fair.

Thanks for your wonderful book, “Dart Apprentice”, @suragch. Thanks also for your contributions to Medium. Great job!

Ah, so that was it then. Well, I’m glad you were able to get them in the end. Let me know if you find any confusing parts of mistakes in Dart Apprentice. I’ll be doing an update in January/February.

Dart Apprentice is an excellent book. I’ll be delighted to share my comments with you, in due course.

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