When are we going to get an Apple TV app to watch the tutorials?

I know others have asked this about a year ago or more, and the answer then was ‘soon’… but it would really help to be able to watch the tutorials on the big screen and navigate around them from the remote, rather than the awkward (and fallible) AirPlay.

Is this type of App coming? Will it also come to iPad and allow offline storage (with DRM of course)?

If so, what’s the timeline / priority for this, rather than ‘soon’… ?


Hi @annemarie1185

Sadly, we currently have no plans to create an Apple TV app for subscribers. It’s on the wishlist—I’d very much like us to have one, but since we’re only a small team, we can’t justify it right now.

We are however working on iOS and Android apps that will offer airplay and downloads for offline viewing. The currentl timeline for this is towards the end of this year—hopefully in the Autumn. However, as I’m sure you appreciate, software has a tendency to fight against timelines, so please don’t interpret this as a promise.

Sorry I couldn’t be more positive on the Apple TV front. I really hope we can get to it one day, but sadly, that day is not in the near future.


That’s very disappointing, as you were quite hopeful about ‘soon’ in 2016!!! However, an iOS app that will Airplay to Apple TV and be more UX friendly for course navigation is a very welcomed addition. I look forward to it.

Hi @annemarie1185

Sorry about that! Sadly we’re limited in what we can accomplish so we are trying to concentrate on things that will have the greatest positive impact on the most customers.


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