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I’m confused. Has Swift 5 been officially released … in an Xcode beta release?

Updated: OK, I found the release notes. Apple Developer Documentation

As it is a blank project, that means that the overall gain we might be able to obtain is around 2.4 MB compressed and 7 MB uncompressed?

@armdevp Thanks very much for your question. Not quite. The blank project provided is given so that you can use the latest version of Xcode and generate a binary of your app which you would use to submit to the App Store. Towards the end of the video, you notice that he was able to generate a binary file that was significantly smaller than what it would have been originally. The new file was in KB as opposed to MB. That’s a much higher order of magnitude than between 2MB and 7MB :slight_smile: The demo of this occurs at about 3:49 in to the video.

I hope this helps!

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@armdevp also that was very simplified example without many frameworks added in. If you had a project with a lot of extra frameworks those would get compiled into the binary before Swift 5 - but now they are dynamically linked in from the OS. This means your savings is directly related to the number of frameworks in your project!

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