What is the point of setting row height in StoryBorad?

  1. It does not work.
  2. You will set row height in tableView(heightForRowAtIndexPath) at the end, which does work.

The effect of setting it in storyboard only appear in storyboard, when you run, the height remains the same.

Setting row height is desirable for a few reasons, if you set it manually it is easier to keep track if you ever wish to modify it. Remember text is not the only thing that goes into a cell and so it depends how you use constraints and AL how the cell will behave depending on what gets put into it and how the phone is oriented etc.

Another reason to set row height is that you may wish to set it to 0 until necessary. This is used to hide cells by giving them a height of 0 and then when called upon by the user, a cell magically appears by giving it a height of 70 or something similar.