What is the best Macbook to use to develop IOS and Android app

I am an IOS developer. I am trying to port all my IOS apps to android. I was wondering which Macbook on the market today would be the best to develop for IOS and android devices. I currently use a mid-2010 Macbook. It has 4 GB of RAM, 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor, and 250 GB hard drive. I have the last MACOS installed. I have the newest Xcode installed. Currently, when I try to build any IOS app in code the simulator loads but the projects never ever loads. I installed the lasted Android Studios 2. When I try to run a sample project the same thing happens. I currently don’t have any android devices. I don;t know why the sample project never loads in the android studios emulator.

What you have is definitely getting a little old and is underpowered.

I use a 2013 Mac mini at home and rarely notice it going slower than my current model Macbook Pro 15". Except when I want to play World of Tanks of course… I’ve also had a 2011 Air - it was great, maybe the best Mac I have ever had.

You would probably find any current model Mac good enough. I think the baseline spec would be Core i5 with 8GB RAM.

I also have a PC. When I tried to use the emulator in Android Studios I received an error about my x86 processor not being supported. : ((. I just need one machine that is powerfull enough to run xcode and android studios.

My crystal ball shows a Macbook Pro in your future… I see you smiling, I see you writing great apps and being happy!

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If you are tight on money, add 4 GB more RAM and exchange your disk with an SSD. The difference will be fantastic, I promise you. I own a 17" mid 2010 mac book pro and I have done as described and it runs very well.
Otherwise the most powerfull Mac Book Pro with 16 GB of Ram is perfect (I use that and it is a super machine, the best I have ever had). Buy at least 500 GB drive.
PS On android (android studio and eclipse) the simulater is HORIBLE. I have never been able to use the “build in” simulator for anything sensibly. Forget about it and use GenyMotion It works like a charm.

Hey I missed that. HARD DRIVE? Yeah, replace with SSD - you will think it’s a whole new computer.

I am an android as well as ios developer with atleast following requirements:
Eclipse, Xcode, Photoshop (maybe), multi-tab browsing, video playback, itunes.
I have ordered a MBA 1.7Ghz with 8GB RAM…i am sure that Haswell+SSD
combination will beat the MBP 13" basic model. Did lots of research
before ordering. This will cost you [$1350 + tax(ordered from
California)] - [some gift voucher+student discount]
If your budget is lower than this, than you can go for 1.3GHz i5 but you will
definitely need a 8GB RAM. Processing will be handled well.

Hi you can install VMware and use sierra it’s better.You will not get any issues you can use Xcode or android studio as well