What do I need to buy?

Hi Everyone!
Say I want to create a SnapChat or a Tinder App.
Do I need to buy RayWenderlich books or subscribe to videos or just read the articles? ( + Obviously studying hard)

You don’t have to buy the books or subscribe to the videos. There’s plenty of information in the articles, and they’re helpfully rated from beginner to advanced. The books and videos are structured learning courses, and you may find you learn more easily with them or you may not.

That said, all that will pretty much let you create the app. You’ve still got to have the web service - your app will need an online resource to check for messages or upload/download information about your users - and while we do have tutorial articles on a number of such services, I would also recommend doing your own research into it.

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Rob Percival on Udemy. The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course - Build 18 Apps. Normally goes for $20-40.

He has a SnapChat and a Tinder App clone. I really enjoyed his tutorials.

I subscribed :). Which videos are for upload/download and storage of data online?

Some of these App will help you to store files online securely and offers 1GB of storage space. Uploading/Downloading of files is limited to 50MB.
I think it will help u.