What did you do on Kodeco.com today?

I completed the Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: Polishing the App (as well as last week the first part of the course pre-polish)!!!

I started this thread to see if I can get some life into the forums! I know it’s the holiday time and folks may be away, but maybe you created something cool! Maybe you had a bug and finally solved it! Maybe, like me, you finished a course… what did you do today? this week? this month? DO TELL!

Your turn!! :smiley:

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Today I found a download for the entire Swift 5.7 language over at Swift.org so I could add it to my Kindle reader… took me a bit to find it but its nice to have along with my other programming books. SO, not really a Kodeco activity but it will aid in my studies.

Probably on Saturday I will Start the next course in my learning path.

What learning paths are you all doing?

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Today I finished up the Optionals, and Tuples sections of the Learn Swift Fundamentals :smiley:

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Today I finished the Swift Fundamentals course! Now onto Functions and Types with Catie! I wish I could do these courses more often but I have to do it in between my real job and real life lol but I am enjoying every minute of it. :smiley: