WebService Creation in Swift

Some doubts:
How to create a web service in Swift?
Where does web services lies in the project development.
How does web services interact with other software components?


There are many frameworks available to do this. The most widely used and supported is Vapor. Here are some tutorials to get you started:

There are many more articles at Kodeco. If you are looking to thoroughly understand the framework, the book is what you need:

@robertomachorro where in the apple world can you host a web service, is this what XCloud is for? The app I have in mind, I do not have a server or a hosting company…I know there are things like Amazon Web Services, but I think that is more for the .Net world, is there such a thing for IOS/Android web services?

Most of us that develop server side using macOS and Swift use Vapor. Which is cross platform and typically hosted under Linux. That ids a good thing, houston options are plentiful and less cost.

Ok like a godaddy Linux host? Which most are… cpanel and the like?

I won’t discredit hosts, they all have a purpose. I would personally go with Heroku, AWS, Azure, etc.

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@robertomachorro Curious if you have looked into the new .Net Maui ?

I did, it is a continuation of Xamarin Forms, which in turn would be of XAML. It still needs work, I looked into it recently for a project and decided to build native for Windows and macOS, with shared C# code, native GUI.

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