Web Services vs Server Side Methods

Hai All,
With all the front-end development frameworks now available. I’d like to know if the generally accepted protocol is for a back-end service to simply provide web services for the front end to consume?

For example An application that may have displayed products in the past may have just generated the HTML on the server and sent it down to the client browser during the request. It seems like the preferred way now would be to send the page template to the client, then the front end would make the request to get the list of products and display them using (Angular, Ember, React…)

Is there any performance cost to writing all client/server communication as web services?

Recommendation depends a lot on your user-case and preferences.

At the moment we are currently building a huge dashboard using VueJS that connects to our APIs, and if i need to build something similar in the future, i would do the same, because it gives both a better user experience, and is easier to maintain.

If you go this way, just be aware of if you are building public websites with it, you would need to look into things like ServerSideRendering to get some kind of SEO :slight_smile: