Watch OS project files (separate classes which deal with different purposes)

Hello community
I have a question regarding watch OS development.
I am still a great beginner in this field. Is there anywhere where you can take a look at how the different swift files (objects) can call the members of the other? I want to take a look at the structure of these kinds of projects.

I want to write a class which is just dealing with location and then make usage of that class in the InterfaceController class.
If I have a separate location class, from which classes should it inherit from?

Firstly, I want to ask whether this is possible to have separate classes which deal with different purposes and then call them in the InterfaceController class? Can you show some examples?

And I also want to know if I have that separate class from which class it should inherit.

Thank you very much.

@uniqueyung91 Do you still have issues with this?

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