Watch Connectivity - how to handle existing todo app?

Hi, itโ€™s first topic in watchOS forum! :smiley: I should be rewarded :wink:

Back to the question. I have existing todo app on my iPhone. Now I want to create watchOS 2 app to extend it.
I want to allow user to check or uncheck today tasks.
I need to connect everyday with iPhone to get task for every single day, how to handle it?

I have watched WWDC videos about WC and I have read watchOS 2 by Tutorials.

Should I send Interactive Message from Watch to iPhone, and iPhone should get tasks from coredata and send them back to Watch as Dictionary ? Is it good approach?

Every time when iPhone change something (delete task, add new to today tasks list, edit name or something) I send ApplicationContext with all Tasks, but sometimes it has a problem with connection. Do Iโ€™m doing it right?