Waiting game development - which database service to use?

I have tried Parse Server which I like in general except for the part that it misses push delivery.

Same with Firebase. It seems to be very stable and has good speed. Lacks the push delivery.

CloudKit is good but my game will demand much logics and I will have to write much custom code for this on the server side.

Amazons options are not that interesting to me.

I am considering making my custom server scripts for the whole game, for control and speed.

But I wonder which of all those services are the most optimal regarding to velocity?

I am using unity 3d game development https://servreality.com/technologies/unity-3d-development/. Excellent speed ) They specialize not only in games for stationary devices. They competence to develop for unity 3d vr products and any ideas in the field of game and unity apps development. It is very easy to work with them. I recommend paying attention to them.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion here after 6 years. Keep continue your posting. LOL!