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Video Tutorial: Table Views in iOS Part 4: Deleting Rows

Learn how to delete rows from your table.

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Help!! my edit or done button doesn’t show up on the top of table view when i run my app, i have used this line of code in viewDidLoad method…
navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = editButtonItem()

Hey,I hope you have solved your problem.However,if you haven’t,read this.Make sure you have embed in navigation controller.

If you embed in,your view should have a navigation b.r(a long rectangle that spans the width of your view at the top)

However,if you have not embed in,you can embed in by going to your Main StoryBoard and click on the view where you want to embed in a navigation controller,then head to Editor → Embed In → Navigation Controller.

Let me know if this solved your issue and if it hasn’t,do update your problem and post more info about your project. Cheers!