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Video Tutorial: Table Views in iOS Part 3: Multiple Sections

Learn how to break your table views into sections.

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Hi, Brian.
It’s a pity that you did not discuss section header & footer views. the title is basic and often you will want to add a custom view for the header/footer per section. any reference to an RW article on the subject?

I’m using the following technique:

Would love to know if you guys can suggest a better way or encourage this approach (it feels like a hack but I did not find any storyBoard way of adding the HeaderFooter Views)

Thanks and have a great day.

It seems some steps were skipped.

At the end of “Table View Controllers” the Pretty Icons Scene had a table view controller under which a table view exists.

At the beginning of this video “Multiple Sections,” as soon ad the Main.storyboard file is opened, under the Pretty Icons Scene, a table view exists only under a View Controller. There are additional items such as Top Layout Guide and Bottom Layout Guide.

subtitles is missing