Video Tutorial Problems

I just paid for the monthly video tutorials subscription 3 days ago. I have
had a subscription, in the past, but didn’t have the problems I’m having now.
Also, I contacted the website stating that I’m having problems and no one has responded. I also posted my problems via the email that confirmed that I had paid for the monthly subscription but haven’t gotten any response.

First, whenever I try to go to the ray wenderlich home page, the video page for auto layout loads instead. That’s the video tutorial that I’m working on at this time. I can’t get back to the home page even if I type in: It automatically loads the video tutorial that I’ve
been watching instead of going to the home page.

Second, you used to be able to leave or post questions or comments, on the page, of the video tutorial that you’re working on at that time. Now, I don’t see where you can post a question for each of the video tutorials. I went to the forum and there’s no place to leave a specific question for a specific video tutorial.
Where do you POST questions for these tutorials?

Please help as soon as possible so that I can get started on these tutorials.

Thank You,


@elearner Feel free to post your questions on the video page like you did here:

I hope it helps!


So, I’m currently working on the “Autolayout” tutorial video and I want to
know how to reduce the display size of the “Preview” window. Currently,
it displays all iPhone and iPad images full-size .

Is there a “Command” key combo to reduce the “Preview” images?



@catie @jcatterwaul @jessycatterwaul Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

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