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Video Tutorial: Monetizing Your App with iAd Part 1: Introduction to iAd

Learn how to integrate the iAd framework and add a banner view ad to your app.

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Apparently iAd is being discontinued. Will google admobs still work for advertising?

Yes, iAd is being discontinued on June 30th.

I don’t think AdMob will be affected, except in so far as the iAd network will not be available.

However we should be aware that things always change. I used to be with AdWhirl that went away when it was bought out by Google. And of course Parse.

So are these particular tutorial series useless now or what?

The iAd ones will no longer be useful as Apple will soon not be supporting iAds. They may be worth watching for terminology such as “interstitial” if you are completely new to ads.

However, the Google videos are still very much relevant. That’s Part 3 and 4.