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Video Tutorial: Introduction to CloudKit Part 4: Saving Data

Learn how to create, modify, save, and delete a record in CloudKit.

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In the OldTimeRadio OTR, how do I add initializers or should I make something an optional? Iā€™m using Swift 2. Thank you.

I fixed this by making CKRecord an optional ā€˜?ā€™
But OTREpisodeLIstingTableViewController: UIViewController, UITableViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource
error - Candidate is not a funciton. Thanks

Hi Sing ā€¦ this video was made using Swift 1.0 and we havenā€™t updated the language to keep it up to date with the language. That said, I was able to fix the compile error by add this to OTREpisodeViewController

let episode : CKRecord! = nil

That should resolve the other errors although there are some warnings about println statements needing to be converted to print statements.

I hope that helps!