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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Game Like Flappy Bird in Swift Part 4: Spawning Obstacles

Learn more about GameplayKit by adding obstacles to the scene.

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I am having a problem when I am adding the spawn. When I compile it. It looks so much different then how your compiling and also it is not making the obstacle random

![45 AM|465x500]

@paradox927 Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@kennethokereke: Without seeing your code, it’s difficult to determine the cause. My best guess is that you may have missed a step. Go back through what you’ve done to see what’s missing.

Trying to do the flappy bird tutorial and struggling with the movement component since it won’t compile. You write.

// Apply Gravity
let gravityStep = CGPoint(x: 0, y: gravity) * CGFloat(seconds)
velocity += gravityStep

// Apply Velocity
let velocityStep = velocity * CGFloat(seconds)
spriteNode.position += velocityStep

Which the compiler is complaining about since you are trying to multiply a CGPoint by a CGFloat? using iOS 12, Swift 4.2. Maybe something has changed?

Hi @mark.lucking you can solve this with declare an extension;

extension CGPoint {
static func * ( left : CGPoint , right : CGFloat) -> CGPoint {
    return CGPoint(x: left.x * right, y: left.y * right)

static func * ( left : CGFloat , right : CGPoint) -> CGPoint {
    return CGPoint(x: right.x * left, y: right.y * left)

copy this code and paste on >MovementComponent.swift under the Import GameplayKit.